Webcaming can be a goldmine, if you do it right, and enjoy it. Some girls hate it, in which case you'll get seriously bored...

Time is Money

The more you are online and available, the more you make. Quite a few girls make £1000 a week, but they do tend to treat it as a full time job

Guys want your mind, not your body

Ok, so not strictly true, but flirting, chat and personality are what make the big bucks. Bored poking yourself doesn't work.

Maximise your Money (1)

Get Crypto, get your fans to get Crypto - See Getting paid in Crypto

For any given show, it's better to be on a platform that pays 60% than 40%.

But if a platform has good traffic, a low percentage might actually pay you more money.

E.g. If you get 5 privates and earn 200 gross on a 40% platform, you make £80. But if you only get 2 privates and make 80 gross on the 60% platform, you make £56.

So, join several platforms and try them all. is the one that most UK girls find best, and with a 70% payout it's also a very good payer. But a lot of girls do very well on the global platforms, even though they pay a smaller percentage.

Maximise your Money (2)

OWN THE CLIENT. If you rely on the cam sites to bring you customers, you'll always lose a big percentage. Which is fair - they brought you the customer.

But if YOU bring the customer - one of your Twitter fans etc, then why pay the platform their fee?


Skyprivate - do cam shows over Skype and get paid per minute, at 75% to 80%.

  • This is a fully legit adult system for shows over Skype, and ideal for the punters as they don't have to provide you with any of their details.
  • Great for fans, twitter followers etc, as all you have to do is post that you're available on Skype.
  • REGISTER NOW - it's free

PayPal - do cam shows over any system you like on a prebooked prepaid basis.

  • Obviously this only works for your best fans.
  • You get to keep ALL your money, but it's a breach of the PayPal rules. If they notice, they can (and this has happened to girls I know), cancel your PayPal account, keeping your money. If you use PayPal for anything else - eBay, whatever, this messes that up. One guy got PP when they accepted porn. Then they changed policy and 18 years later he still can't get a new PP.

Work with other Girls

  • If you have a friend who lives nearby this can be very effective, esp if you commit to a regular routine.
  • Also very effective if you get into role play - sub/dom etc
  • One off sessions as you travel the country can also spice things up, but making special long distance trips doesn't usually work. But if you can see yourself getting stuck in an hotel somewhere, contact the local girls and see if they're up for it.

Work with other Guys

  • This can work for couples, but from what I gather, the BG camming is a bit of a niche.
  • Do it if you like, but it's probably not worth getting into revenue sharing (so BF and volunteer blokes only).