Video Editing and Rendering Advice

I am NOT a professional editor. I'm self taught and so often wrong :-)

But this is a quick guide for those making clips for here and elsewhere.

It's how I do things.

1) Use decent editing software if you can.

I use Vegas. Others love Adobe Premiere. These cost proper money.

Davinci Resolve is FREE and extremely good professional level kit, (pros buy all the extras, you don't need them, yet). But it is a beast - you'll be wanting 32BG Ram or more to run it well. If you have less, well, it's free, so try it, and it might be that it works fine for what you need.

Also used widely are Wondershare, Final Cut and Power Director.

2) Set your editing to the quality of your footage. Save your project as ABC Base.

3) Edit your scene, save as ABC Full Scene and render at 1080p, and 720p and 480p(wide) to give three different renders at best quality for that size. Use the mp4 file type.

4) Make clips - usually use the ABC Full Scene project, but sometimes, if you dumped a lot of footage just to get the time down, use the ABC Base.

You can do clips one by one, but much better is to see if you can do batch rendering based on assigning regions or defining multiple clips. Google "batch rendering" or "making clips" for the software you use as often needs a plugin (often free).

Again, you want to render the clips at 1080p, 720p and 480p(wide).

5) You now have all your important initial renders and, depending where they are going, maybe job done.

HOWEVER you'll probably find that the file sizes are too big for the clip store.

Your editing software probably gives you great control over the fine detail of rendering - esp bitrates - a rendering at a lower bitrate is a great way to reduce file size. It DOES affect quality of image, but you can usually find an acceptable level. But it can be a pain to fiddle around with, so I actually use Wondershare Video Converter myself, mainly because choosing the custom setting of MP4 1280*720p small for my 1280*720p mp4 renders means the file size is reduced to around just 25% of the full file, and the quality is still fine.

6) Do you need other file types - like wmv? I use the Wondershare for that too. It can do bulk renders.

7) For DFP you need to zip the videos up before your upload. Max file size 500MB. Other sites will have their own systems and rules.