Twitter - How to promote effectively

Twitter is the THE Social Media for adult

Get it right = Goldmine.

If new to Twitter, or new to trying to promote yourself, these are some pro tips :-)


  • HEADER PHOTO - make sure no genitals are visible in the image you upload. (It doesn't matter if they can't be seen in the profile, you can get flagged/suspended/deleted because they are in the image)
  • PROFILE PHOTO - your face. If it doesn't show your face, you're not serious. NO GENITALS (as above).
  • BIO - should state that you are in porn, or want to be. Include your profile link :-)
  • TWEET some nice photos of yourself. Your face should appear in a lot of them. If you have any BJ or fucking pics, include them, (so long as OK with other person in them). Guys, head shots, body shots, beach shots, nude shots but no dick pics. By all means include your erect dick, but only in context. If your dick is more than 1/3 of the photo, NO! (As a general rule guys, if your dick is the major feature in the photo, it needs to be in a pussy or mouth).
  • FOLLOW the performers you'd love to work with.
  • SCAN their Followers lists and find and follow all the performers and photographers/producers you can.
  • FOLLOWERS. As people follow you, take a look at their profile and send them an appropriate DM. Fan? Say hi, you hope they like your stuff, what would they like to see, point them at where they can buy. Performer? Say hi, I'm new, but I'd love to do content share with you if you like.
  • START to engage - RT's with Comment is the tool here.
  • GENUINE POSTS - you should post at least one new tweet for every 2-3 retweets. Bots tend to RT too much and if you do that you can get flagged. Show you are real with real posts. RT with Comment is the best way to start to engage. Simple Replies are for actual conversation conversations.


  • LOTS OF TWEETS - 10 a day, minimum, for a girl seeking to get noticed and followed. Photos, thoughts, what's going on etc. ALWAYS selfie tweet to and from any bookings about "so exited" and "that was such fun".
  • SERIOUSLY - LOTS OF TWEETS, EVERY DAY - you'll noticed that the serious people put out a LOT of tweets, and only some of them are canned marketing messages. How they find the time to do 10 selfies a day, God alone knows, but it works. Because NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION. I.E if they miss your tweet, it's gone. So, when it's quiet, post a selfie, jump in at RT, shoot a "hello boys" video selfie. Comment on stuff (avoid politics). Into this, mix "come to my party", "book me ", "I'm on can NOW! come see me". Post porn from time to time, (you're looking for people to RT and follow you)
  • DEVELOP an arms cache of images and video clips that you can set up to post and repost on a regular basis (using services like Buffer. Google "Tweet Scheduling" to see what's out there). This is one of the uses of Content Share. From a 20 min scene you can pull 20-100 clips that are 3-10seconds long, and similar stills. These are great for scheduling automated tweets because people won't see too many the same too often.
  • DM people you'd like to work with FOR FREE. Basically, this means other performers who can see would like to do stuff with you. Be sensible. If you're a guy and she just does GG, DON'T DM. If you're a a guy over 40 and all her BG is with young guys, DON'T DM. In these cases wait for her post that she's looking for people and send her a, "me! me! ,me!", which she'll probably ignore of course but hey ho :-)

Do all this and soon (a few months) you'll have thousands of followers, a twitter stream that screams "genuine porn person" and hopefully a nice lot of fans buying stuff, booking cam shows and getting you paid gigs. Perfect :-)

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