Notes on Resources, to be sorted later.

Adult Work

  • Clips must be WMV, and ideally 10MB per min , or slightly under. Aim is to price at 1 credit per min. And people don't like to pay more than 2 credits.
  • Rentals - At the time of writing this criteria requires the movie to have a display size of at least 640 x 480 and be of at least "video quality" in terms of bit rate (Kbps). Similarly, the movie must be about 15 minutes in length or longer.


  • Video - We currently support MP4 and MOV video formats on mobile apps. On the web, we support the MP4 video format with H264 format with AAC audio. You can upload videos up to 512MB, however you will be prompted to edit videos to 2 minutes and 20 seconds or less in length. In fa ct the Trim box pushes you to trip to 45s, which isn a good thing, keep those teasers short.
  • WMV and unsupported video types simply don't display in the file picker. This saves confusion once you realise why the WMV don't show!

Legal notes re non UK girls in the UK

After Brexit if you book EU girls visiting the UK it is unclear what the rules will be. Worst case - you will be hiring them (i,e, you ARE an employer) and thus have a legal duty to keep records proving that you established that they had a right to work. Penalties for failure are high. And if you publish the videos, it only takes one person to spot one film for your to be audited and all your illegal girls ever, found and BIG FINES.

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