Replace Tumblr and Insta

Tumblr for adult anything, RIP. Insta, the same.

I could build a site friendly for adult, LGBT etc but free won't scale, and relying on porn/cam advertising doesn't really work either, besides, those ads are so meh and clutter the place up. Ad free is better.

I can't change viewers - posters and creators want their work widely seen.

I can't offer a content sales service at a margin, because that won't cover the costs, and besides, adult processing is expensive and suppliers are falling away. (TBH there will always be ways to sell on the QT or direct, e.g. crypto).

So, I would have to charge the artists/creators*. But this could be a simple flat fee of around $140pa, to support a 1000 to 1 ratio of providers/viewers, and allow individual providers to have 6,7 figure follower numbers.

You'd be starting from scratch with the content though, no fancy import tools.

Rules would be UK - so while open to everyone, 18+ content would need to be tagged**, and certain extreme material not allowed. Sry. But you could post in rules and link out to where your other stuff is, on your own site.

If I get 20 people saying they'd support it, I'll look to build it.

*TBH this is the economic hard reality of any adult/queer/sex positive platform - anyone can set up something for free, but they cost money to run. So free but Ok for adult means that "we'll build on the back of guy guys, then dump you down the line".
** Item by item, so your blog about being a trans at 13 is available to all, but your porn photos, tag to hide.