Have a Decent Portfolio

A single selfie isn't a portfolio.

A proper portfolio, for adult, is some nice smiling headshots, some simple nudes - standing, lying down, full frontal, plus anything else you like. You don't need any BJ or sex pics, but if you want to include them, that's fine. (Males seeking BG work, you DO NEED sex action pics, you and a girl).

Look good. Be groomed.

Producers and photographers always feel confident when a girl turns up looking well groomed.

All too often I hear "she turned up looking a right mess, but the shoot was good". And if that's what I'm being told, then that's what they are telling the other people who might book you. Note that the first important word is MESS. That's what people remember...

There's no need to go over the top - we know you have been driving/training it, but don't look like you have just come from last nights party.


Your GREAT BIG BAG contains a wide selection of clothes - smart, slutty, suits, lingerie, sexy uniforms etc, plus shoes and makeup, and, such toys and fetish gear as you like.

Keep it together so that when you are in a rush, you can grab and go, knowing that it's all there.


Photographers and Producers are a nervous bunch, always worried that the model will cry off or not turn up.

In the last few days before a shoot expect them to be checking that it's all good, every day. In particular, if you will be getting a train, that you know what time your train arrives.

On the day, keep your phone ON and when the guy calls, answer it. Or at least get back to them that day.

Girls who seem to vanish, not pick up, or move to txt only are usually assumed to have bailed.