Maximise your Money

Making Money - Know How The Money Works

A lot of models think that all they have to do is get on the modelling sites and wait for the calls, or rely on agents/managers to get them work.

IF all you want are some jobs now and again for a bit of extra cash, and do a bit of camming from time to time, that's fine, and for many girls, (students, single mothers, already got a regular job and just doing this for fun extra money) , it's enough. But if you want to make a decent living at it, you need to understand that it's YOUR BUSINESS and take charge accordingly.

To maximise your money you need to understand how the money flows in the adult business

There is a lot that follows, but basically it's :-

Promote yourself hard as a model to start getting the money in, but have a clear plan for building your reputation and fan base, and work on your own content right from the start as it's your content that provides long term money.

But first, basic marketing :-


  • Do not simply wait for people to come to you, be proactive.
  • List on all the modelling sites and Twitter, but follow their rules. DFP is adult friendly, others, less so.
  • Reach out to DFP photographers in your area and ask if they'd like to shoot you.
  • On DFP, post a "work wanted" forum post every month or so.
  • If you get a booking that means travel and a night away, create an Event "Julie Tour to London, 12-15 July". Events have high visibility and will get you seen by people outside your area.

BUILD a FAN BASE (because they will buy your shit)

Twitter is your friend. Learn how to use it, post often and interact with fans and other adult industry peeps. Follow plenty, retweet, be helpful, be generous and watch your followers rise. These guys will book your cam shows, and buy your scenes.

You are in business - give it a year.

Facebook can be used, but just remember it's for anyone over 13 years old, so keep it clean or they will kill your account. A lot of girls will have two FB accounts - a personal one, for family and friends, and a modelling one. UPDATE : If you are not already open to people, running two accounts on FB is very dangerous - the AI is likely to suggest your work account as a friend to your actual family and friends!


  1. Money NOW! - this is how you start, going for any shoot you can get, getting paid, getting known, slowly. Being on cam when no one knows you. This phase typically lasts 4-6 months for a good looking girl who works hard.
  2. Money more regular - you have built a rep and a fan base. You get plenty of shoots and most times when you go on cam and tweet, you'll get takers. Most serious girls reach this level, and for many that's good enough. Their time, their rules, no one else to worry about or rely on.
  3. Money while you sleep - your rep and fan base has grown and they BUY YOUR SCENES / JOIN YOUR SITE. So now you get paid to shoot, paid to cam, and the days you spend having fun fucking with other performers make sales while you sleep. Perfect. The girls with good business heads get to this level. These girls spent 1-2 days a month right from the start working with other performers on Content Share so that by the time their audience is ready to buy, they have LOTS to sell :-)


Private Pre Booked Direct

You get ALL the money. IF you can get paid.

To work at this level you need to have a built a fan base, twitter followers, so that when you say "I'm bored and horny, who wants to book a cam show on Skype" several guys want to throw their money at you.

Get to know about Crypto - Bitcoin, Ether etc and tell your clients you'd like to get paid this way if possible.

In reality a lot people take PayPal, Circle etc, but this is very dangerous as if they find you are using for Adult your accounts will be killed, it could take MONTHS to get your money out and you will never get another account again (I know people who got blocked decades ago and still get refused).

Camsite WITHOUT affiliates

You get 50-80%.

The rest went to the cam company for running the service, and of that, 5-10 to the payment provider. So, of the clients £100, maybe £8 to the payment provider (money for nothing for them, it really is), £22 to the company and £70 to you.

Camsite WITH affiliates

You get as little as 20%

The rest went as above, plus to the affiliates - and they took a BIG chunk. Of the £100, £50 goes to the affiliate, say £8 to the payment provider, £21 each to the model and the site.

Now you might wonder why on earth any girl would work on a site like this. Truth is MOST girls in the world do.

That said, don't knock it - some of these sites do really well for some UK girls (esp niche girls and, by all accounts, T-Girls), because they have great traffic for those niches, and 20% of a big number means more money than 100% of a small one.

AND ALSO Group vs Private

If you charge £2 a min in Private for 20 mins, you make £40. If you charge 50p per min per person in Group and have 20 guys watching a show, that's £200.

If you develop a fan base that will pay for group, that's a goldmine. But you need a good business head to arrange and promote a show they'll watch. Though shooting porn while the webcam camera watches can be good :-)


Turn up, perform, get paid, go home.

And who makes the money by selling to your fans? They do.

For you to get that money, YOU need to OWN your own content.

Your options are WEBSITE and CLIP SALES, and in fact you can do both :-


You have it built, people pay to join, simples.

Except that it isn't - ecommerce websites need to be put together by someone who knows what they are doing, which will cost, and you'll lose money to the payment processors, and, unless you do good effective marketing, people won't know about it to join anyway.

If you want a selling website, you should almost certainly use one of the specialist adult providers. Several do a revenue share basis - they do the site and you provide the content. You should also take the view that YOU will do the promotion and marketing. Hope that they will as well but don't rely on them doing so.

A financially sound website will probably deliver you 40-60% of gross turnover. So for every £100 your fans spend, you'll get £40-£60. Less if you share the revenue with affiliates (which, if it's any good, you will). But to have a good chance of making financial sense, you need to have become a well known model, and be committed to ongoing updates.

TBH, until you know that your fan base and business model will benefit from a web site, you don't need a web site. But do book likely domain names so that you have them ready.

CLIP SALES via Sites and Direct sale

Easy. You simply upload them to any sites that let you sell clips.

You promote each clip on twitter etc - so your sales depend on your fan base, but with the advantage that as your fan grows your new fans will be able to buy your old clips.

You'll get 60-70% of the gross - £70 out of the clients £100, but unlike a website (which needs constant updates), clip updates can be much more irregular.

Direct sales - people buy direct and you send to them via Drop Box. Also works for Paid Content post here where you simply add the users name and they can download. You get all the money, but as usual, try to get paid in Crypto rather than risking PayPal, Circle etc.

Clip Sales are the way to start in selling content.


Lots of different numbers get thrown around, but say you have a decent number of fans and a new scene sell, but the key is to note that it's sales over time :-

If you get $5 per clip, and sell 10 in the first month and 5 a month over the next 3 years, is 190, for an income of $950. If you sell 100 in the first month and 10 thereafter it's $2300. For a scene that you might have been paid $500 on the day for if you filmed for someone else.

Basically - right from the start be doing 1-2 content days a month with other performers, and have in mind to get 2-3 decent scenes out of the day. You might not make money from them now, but once you get fans, they will buy them in the future. You simply need to have something ready to sell them.

A lot of girls make money that's equivalent to paid work, and a lot (who take their content seriously and build a solid fan base) make a LOT MORE, and some move to working almost exclusively on their own stuff, and only shoot for other people when they want to, or the publicity will be good. But making that work is about being a businessperson and marketing, not just being in porn.

There are TWO types of clip selling site :-

  • Token or Credits based - buyers need to buy tokens then use the tokens to buy your scenes. Prime example, AdultWork. These sites can be great for sales, but you'll only sell to their existing users.
  • Cash - buyers shop and pay by card. Prime example, Clips4Sale. These are good for deliberate purchases "I want this video of that girl", perhaps by following a twitter link, and the purchase is not interrupted because they decide they can't be arsed to buy credits first.

You don't care which is best just put all your scenes for sale everywhere and links to them all all over twitter etc, so your fans can buy them, in the way they like.


  • Percentages Matter
  • Traffic Matters
  • Collect Data


  • 95% of bugger all (because you haven't built a fan base and so no one will pay any attention when you post the link), is nothing.
  • 70% of something because your video is on a token based site with traffic, is something.
  • 20% of a cash sales site with LOTS of traffic and affiliates who latch onto your material as the stuff they push to their niche audiences can also be something.

Key lesson - the MOST MONEY is made by having a big percentage and a good marketing plan, but basically, put your stuff everywhere until you know what sites are best, and which just do nothing for you.


The traditional way would be decide what you want, PAY some other guys and girls to turn up and do what you tell them. Expensive.

The new way is to contact other performers you fancy working with and suggesting that you work together on material. For free.

If you have a friendly cameraman with kit your only cost is the location, and shooting at home works for your early scenes. Later on it's hotels, apartments, studios, dungeons etc.

But you don't want to rely on friendly camerapeople forever, so look to invest £600-£700 in a camera, (allowing you to do well lit home amateur style scenes), followed by £250ish in a basic lighting kit for better results. Filming then becomes a matter of taking it in turns - two perform while one films, then switch. Editing can be done (at least at first) in Windows Movie Maker (free, already on your PC).