Free Video Conferencing (aka Skype/Periscope alternative)

You're not supposed to use Skype etc for porn and other rudeness, and if you get reported you might lose your accounts. So, use a service that's OK with everything :-)

WARNING - I looked all over their site and couldn't find any T&C at all, and so, on the basis that what isn't forbidden, is allowed.....*

Take a look at

Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free — with no account needed. It is ANONYMOUS for both sides.

Perfect for prebooked shows with fans. How you get paid, that's between you and your fan. Crypto, Bank Transfer, online payment of your choice etc.

Interesting - each person in the conversation can toggle the camera they are viewing the conference through. In a 1-2-1 no one bothers, but imagine 4 people getting together to make porn and broadcasting via their phones, audience members could choose which camera to view through...(see below).

The instructions below are based on using PC/Laptop (with camera/mic). For phones there is a Jitsi Meet app. (On the app, when you fire it up you just type in the room name, and if there is a live room, you join it, and if it's a new one, it starts it up. Swipe up to access the mic, camera and call end buttons).

How to use - Client wants a web show.

Go to Jitsi and "Start a Call".

Jitsi sets up a new meeting with a special random name.

These seem to comprise 4 words, all run together but first letter is a capital. So something like GreenDragonsFlyBadly

(You can just type in a room name of your choice direct into the URL bar if you prefer.)

Press go. The meeting will open in your browser.

Send the link to the client. (Twitter DM, text, whatever).

Warn him that it will want access to the camera and mic. If he is shy, he can deny access to the camera, but it is good to be able to talk.

How to use - Client wants a web show. Version 2, client in control

Tell the client to set the room up and send you the link when ready, then you'll join them.

How to use - Permanent Room

Jitsi remembers your rooms,(but not your content).

So you could set up a room, password protect it, and use it for all your camming. So for clients it's just "come here LINK, password today is...PWD". However I haven't tested this. (In theory anyone who has the link and pwd could join and watch a show, so you'd def change the password daily or per show).

How to use - Broadcast / Live Stream

FREE - Set up a room, no password, and post the link on Twitter etc so anyone can come see :-)

PAID - Ditto, but password. Give to people who have paid in advance. E.g. you're planning to film content. All performers join the room, position their phones around the room, and then the fans can choose what view to watch as the action progresses :-) Really needs those little phone holders for using phones as a camera.

IMPORTANT - audience members should be advised to turn off their cameras (mobile app, swipe up, toggle camera off), otherwise their face will be visible to EVERYONE in the room.

*T&C can change. But for now, enjoy.