How to Buy Crypto (to pay for porn quietly and securely)

Did you know that :-

Performers selling their clips, camming etc normally get only £5-£7 for every £10 you spend. Sometimes as little as £2-£3.

The rest - taken by the platform site, credit card charges and even VAT.

Would you like your fave people to get the whole £10?

Great. You are a Porn Hero. We love you.

You want to pay porn producers etc so that they get ALL the money. You hate the idea that when you pay £10 for a video on a clip site, the girl or producer only gets £6-£7.

Maybe you want to book a cam show or escort and send her a deposit.

You need Crypto - usually Ethereum or Bitcoin as they are the best known.

The fastest, simplest way of doing it is to order from

Perfect for the sort of small scale funds you need for porn and deposits. (As little as £100).

a) Download the wallet software.

This will give you a wallet for each currency. Each one has it's own address. All are empty at the moment.

b) At (choose BUY for the currency of your choice and you'll see it).

The most popular currencies are Ethereum and Bitcoin. Ethereum is the better choice because it's much better for small transactions. Buy ETH :-)

You now have fund in your wallet, ready to send to deserving entertainers :-)