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HIV, STDs, Certificates and Oral Without

For anything involving unprotected sex, there are risks.

The sex world covers everyone from swingers going to an occasional party to people doing porn and OWO gang bangs on a regular basis and seeing escort clients as well.

Risks can be hard to quantify. But think of it as crossing a road with your eyes closed. A country lane miles from anywhere at 3am? You might risk it. You'll probably be fine. A motorway?

Certs - Industry rules, guidelines and advice

This is an industry that, if you join it, you open yourself up to certain risks. Liken it to mountain climbing in winter - you need to understand the risks, and how to minimise them, but at the end of the day, there is a certain unavoidable level of risk, and while shit can happen to anyone, it usually happens to the ignorant or ill preprared.

The MAIN way to control risks is to look after yourself, and don't work with people you think take more risks than you like. I used to do solo winter mountain walking (risky) but never joined my friends who free climbed (are you utterly fucking crazy!)

People will argue on Twitter about what isn't safe or is, and what types of people one should or shouldn't work with. It's all noise. You set your rules, you stick to them, and if someone wants you to do a scene with certed performer who advertises bareback escorting, say no. It might cost you the gig, but your body, your rules.

Industry people get tested regularly and the results are a certificate - so certs. If you want to join the industry, this is the first thing you need. Most people get them from their local NHS clinic.

Certs cover :-

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C. Note - not all clinics test for the Heps as standard, but will if asked. Ask.

Certs are generally considered valid for 28 days from DATE OF TEST, though some performers and producers are adopting a 14 day rule. Keep your certs in a file - many professionals will want to see a history of clean certs.

IMPORTANT - you want paper certs, or if PDF, print them out so you can file them. Most clinics will send a results text, but many performers will not work on the basis of a text because it could be faked. A bunch of certs and a text for your latest results that arrived yesterday is usually fine.

NHS - it is important to note that when people use the NHS for professional or business needs (e.g. a medical), they PAY for it. We are very lucky in this business - because sexual health is considered a PUBLIC HEALTH matter, they will test us on a regular basis for free. But only within limits.

  • The NHS takes the medical view that it is reasonable for people to test every 3 months. (This is what they seem to be funded for).
  • Most NHS sexual health clinics seem OK with monthly tests when they know you are in the sex industry, but some stick to 3 months. If your local one has a 3 month rule, seek another.
  • REQUESTING 14 Day tests (unless you have symptoms) will be considered abuse of the service by most NHS clinics. The odd extra one a year you might get away with, but if they spot you, you might have to find a new clinic.
  • Most NHS clinics will get your results in a week IF you ask them, and arrange to collect in person. (If you don't specifically make an appointment to collect, they might take longer to arrive). Dean St is an exception - they have the lab geared for fast same day results (if you get tested early morning).
  • NHS clinics may charge - not for the tests, but for a results letter. If charged, usually £30-£60.

HOWEVER some companies and performers have stricter requirements.

If they want to you have more than 28 day NHS certs, they will tell you. But to be safe, ask them. Esp if it's a foreign company.

IMPORTANT - I am already hearing about producers asking for PCR and then cancelling. So that's you down £100 real money. If you are getting a PCR specifically for a shoot, get IN WRITING that producer will reimburse you for the test when you do the shoot, and IF the shoot is cancelled or postponed they will send you the money.

Typical are some/all of :-

  • 14 day cert. The 14 day test is just a matter of planning. Producers will need to book you based on your testing cycle. (Or offer you enough to get an extra private test).
  • PCR HIV test. The NHS does not do this without medical cause, and they do not consider that porn people have medical cause. In any case it should be AS WELL as the 4th Gen antibody test. PCR gives CURRENT viral load, (which can be U for undetectable in a controlled infection), the antibody test tells you if they were EVER infected. Medical Opinion is that someone who is POSITIVE on the antigen test (they have been infected in the past) but U (undetectable) on the PCR test CANNOT transmit HIV. They would be safe to have unprotected sex with, re HIV.
  • Other tests as may be requested.

The other tests you will need to take privately. Whether or not you decide to do so is a commercial decision for you.

UPDATE 15/3/2019 - Uk private supplier with special deal for adult @YSexualHealth , :-

  • £260 for a full cert based on bloods and urine, inc PCR HIV test. Perfect for males.
  • Females (and gay men) may need additional tests based on swabs according to the sex you do. Swabs are Oral, Vaginal and Rectal, and £40 each.
  • You MUST tell them you are in the porn biz. (Normal prices are WAY higher).
  • PCR - Test will b £99 at their wimpole street & altrincham location & £150 at all other london/national locations

Testing Clinics

This is an ad hoc list compiled over the years. TBH these days most NHS Sexual Health clinics understand the business.

@YSexualHealth , - have clinics across the UK, but one in London and one in the NorthEast are set up for our needs. But contact them first to find which you should go to and what the procedures are.

Terence Higgins Trusts also offer testing in some cities, though usually only 1-2 days a week.

Professionals and NO lists.

A NO list is a list of performers that the performer will NOT work with. It usually comprises people the person just doesn't like, and others who they believe has a lifestyle that might put them at risk. Classic example - if a professional porn performer A sees that another (B) is offering bareback sex to escort clients, A will NO list B. Producers should always respect a NO list. If the person they want you work with is on your NO list, they'll just drop them, or you, depending on who is more important to the scene. That's just business.

A NO list can also include general rules such as, "will not work with girls who do parties". In that case it's up to the producer to allow you to check them (the performer you'll be with) out on Twitter, AW etc, and, (if he has to get a short notice replacement) make sure he checks.

Oral WithOut (condoms).

This is a bone of contention in the industry side of things. If you make porn and are thought to do OWO with non certed partners, you might end up on some other performers NO list.

IMO Swingers, Escorts, Clients and Gangbang/bukkake men who do OWO should get tested on a regular basis, including (women) throat swabs.

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