Getting Paid

No matter what part of the industry you are in, you need to get paid.

PayPal, Circle, Stripe, Venmo etc

Read the T&C and you usually find that anything mainstream forbids anything adult related, and if you use them, and you get reported, your account gets cancelled and while they do have to return your money, it can take weeks, months to arrive.

If you want to use these, you have to set up so they are disposable - i.e. if you use PayPal in real life, use the others for adult because you don't care if they get burned and ban you.

Ban you FOREVER! PayPal for sure, and no doubt others, it's not a six month ban, or a year, but FOREVER. Do not use an adult unfriendly service unless you are okay with never needing it again.

Cunning Plans

With PayPal (haven't tried the others), because you can send to any email address, they have to allow unverified email address to accept funds, and send them on. If you exceed the annual transaction limit (might vary in time and by country, currently given as £1700) then the email is locked until you do verify.

So, hypothetically, could you create a load of email addresses and use them to collect a few hundred each, then send to your actual (unpublished) one that then links to your bank? Yes you can.

How long would such a scheme work? Good question. Assume, at some point, that one of your burner address get's reported. If PayPal were to then audit the transaction and track to your real account, and audit that and find lots of money coming from multiple unverified accounts, you're toast. So, longer than just having one PayPal, but how much longer? Depends how diligent PayPal are on such reports. Do you feel lucky?

If you were really savvy, you'd arrange to pay a lot of your day to day expenses from all these little pots of money accounts - so you £500 in your unverified, and use it to settle your monthly tabs at nails and hair, pubs, club, or the sex shop who trust you enough to give you an account. Maybe even pay your rent. Do online shopping (PayPal allow unverified accounts to shop online). PayPal can't see who the real owner is, and at best, they kill each as they get reported. HOWEVER if your activity is criminal so the police get involved, (e.g. if escorting where escorting is a crime worthy of police attention), they can go to those local businesses and ask "so, who was this for?".

You can do sweeps - Set up a little business with a mailbox and address (different town) and bank account. So it's not obviously you. Total cost, low hundreds. Set up a new PayPal and verify it to link to the new Bank Account. Sweep all the money into it asap.

Cunning Plans are complex, untidy and if not done right, expensive (you are going to lose track of those little posts of money...)

Much better, use Crypto - e.g. Bitcoin. All legal, all low cost

You can accept crypto to wallets you control on your PC, then convert to real money using exchanges that have verified your bank account. By having money arrive in Wallet A, which you bounce to Wallet B, which is linked to the exchange, there is no direct link between your business and your conversions. See

NB. PayPal. Only verified accounts can access the API, i.e. you can't Merchant if unverified.