Facebook, Social Media and Account Management

Account Management

The easiest way to separate your professional life from your real one and from your marketing one is to set up multiple user accounts on your PC.

That way, when you are logged into your professional account, all your social media, email etc is wearing your professional hat.

Example - a porn performer escort could have THREE accounts on their PC :-

1) Main - this is the PC admin account, and does all the personal stuff. Twitter is "me for real". Family, friends, politics etc.
2) Porn Pro - this is where you do all your porn professional stuff and the Twitter is @Pornpro - an account where you only follow industry peeps, and bio is something like "Pro's only. Fans please follow me on @4myfans. Fans DMing me here, get blocked". Resist the temptation to make this LOCKED as you still want those RT's etc within the industry.
3) 4 Fans - this is where all your fan oriented stuff ends up, and your Twitter is @4MyFans.

But phones? Can you have multiple twitter on your phone? Yes, but aggro. But the idea behind @4Fans is that it keeps fans out of your DMs. So your phone twitter is the @Pornpro account. Your @4Fans you just check when you decide to, skimming the DM's etc and just dealing with them as you want, on your time table. (I'm assuming that you have two phones, and you rpersonal twitter is on your personal phone)

Social Media

Social media is a vital tool for anyone in porn or sex work.

But don't get too invested in the big ones. They don't like you. They might tolerate you, for now, but they don't like you.

It's THEIR site, their rules (or randomness) and they owe you NOTHING. They DO NOT CARE about you. After all, you pay them how much for their services? Exactly.

The background to this is :-

  • Their business model - they need advertisers, and advertisers don't like to be associated with adult or sexy anything.
  • They are generally USA based, and that meas that they have to deal with a law called SESTA/FOSTA, which, in short, makes them liable in law if their platform is used for sex trafficking, and the definition of that is so wide that some sites have even stopped their Personals sections.


Facebook takes the view that you have ONE account, and that it uses your real name to connect you with everyone who knows you.

Facebook is also so greedy for data, and so obsessed with putting people together that if you are active as a "real you" and also as a "professional you", there is a very good chance that "professional you" will turn up as a friend recommendation for your actual real life friends and family. Do not have a "professional you" account if this might be a problem for you.

Read https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/12/20/facebook_disaster/

Facebook is also, under US law, suitable for people over 13, so all content should be teen safe.

Summary - use FB for your actual friends and family etc, but not for industry purposes.


Doesn't like adult. View your IG as temporary.

It has major issues with nude art photography, doesn't like porn people, and really really doesn't like sex workers.

Even if you follow their rules, they give themselves wide latitude and will remove posts that are entirely within the rules by using the catch off of "inappropriate".

Use Insta, but get your fans to join DFP as well, as a backup. But don't actually post links to DFP on Insta, as that's going to get you deleted. Get cunning - if you message people direct, that's safe (unless they do the dirty and report you. So use caution, be sure they are fans not just followers).


Car crash. Avoid. Their AI driven anti porn drive has gone crazy, but, basically, we're not wanted, so don't go there.


For now, the most friendly. Partly because they seem to be focussed on doing business the way they want and that includes being the most relaxed about content.

That said - make sure you follow their rules - keep all header images clean, mark your account as sensitive and 18+. When posting, post mainly your own tweets, not too much RT's.

AND STILL - there are no guarantees for the future. Political, legal or commercial pressure could force Twitter to become unfriendly.

Shadow banning - is a thing, and some people seem to think it's aimed at adult industry people, but I'm not so paranoid. If you focus on organic growth and real tweets it seems to be OK. Gung ho marketing people, they hit the shadow ban wall.

DO suggest that followers join DFP and follow you there too, so that if Twitter ever delete, you can tell them your new Twitter.

Adult Content Platforms

FOLLOW THE RULES. Even the ones you think are silly. It's their ball, their rules.

Escorts and Party Girls - most platforms are frightened of the USA. In particular a law called SESTA/FOSTA, which their lawyers will basically have said, "cancel all accounts that you think might be prostitutes. Have a process for automatically spotting them, e.g. DM's that include terms like "meet" or "1-2-1" or "fuck-a-fan" get reviewed for context". Now, the law doesn't actually say they have to do this, but nuance would just get messy, so it's zero tolerance banhammer time.

You are on such a platform and a fan, who knows you escort from your Twitter, sends you a message, "Hi babe, how much for a hotel meet when I'm in town?". If you say anything other than, "Not happening, I don't do that", BAN. "DM me on Twitter", why? we know why, or at least we can guess, BAN.

As such, your best option is to sell your content is to be on such platforms under a different name, eg ABC Productions. So, yes, your fans can see that it's you in the films, but if they want to ask you something awkward they will now tend to do it via another route. Just in case it's not you.... It also provides plausible deniability to the platform. They want your money, they don't care that you escort, they just don't want to end up bankrupt and in Prison USA.