Fancy escorting or sex parties? It can be tempting, the money can look good. BUT...Think very carefully. It might be something you can do, or not. But don't do it just for the money as that's a good way to mess your head.

For 1-2-1 escorting, read the notes below. Sex Parties tend to be well organised (at least when you're with an established organiser) and so avoid many of the 1-2-1 risks, but be in no doubt that you will be fucking a LOT of guys, and if you're not into that kind of sex you really shouldn't go that route. If you are into that kind of sex, knock yourself out :-)

I have been asked who the fuck am I to talk about escorting? I have been an escort, solo and with GF duos. I have been in the adult biz for many years and seen a lot, and of course many escorts have been and still are personal friends.These comments reflect their and my experience. The only one that I have really been taken to task on is the face one, (which I wrote in the context of the UK, where escorting is legal). The context there is that I come from the porn side, as do most of the escorts I know. We're not shy and we own our work. You can make faceless work, but be alert to the risks.

  • Escorts need to be strong willed, resiliant and with a, "grab life with both hands and fuck anyone who says otherwise", attitude. Nervous, shy, and submissive types shouldn't do this.
  • Successful escorts like sex. They might not enjoy all of their clients, but in general they do. It doesn't really matter what the cock is attached to, if it's clean and hard, it'll do, and if it hits the spot, even better. Like a dildo, but one that pays you :-) If you don't really enjoy sex, or if you are at all fussy about who it's with, (and face facts - a lot of clients will be in their 40's to 60's, fat, flabby and out of shape), then escorting isn't for you, no matter how much money you might make. You'll do your head in and start feeling shit about yourself.
    • You will hear that escorting isn't all about sex. This can be true in the BDSM and Fetish area if you make it clear what your terms of business are, and most escorts will have some clients who just want to chat, BUT in the context of someone thinking about general escorting, assume all clients will be sexual.
  • Escorting can be dangerous - I've had friends robbed by clients, I've had friends doing more than was agreed because of pressure during the meeting, (yes, that was sexual assault, possibly rape, but no witnesses, and you're an escort, even if the police believe you what can they do - no evidence). If you're not mentally tough enough to handle that, don't escort.
  • Escorts need to be good at reading people, and willing to walk away at the slightest hint of dodginess. When things go wrong the phrase "I knew, but..." tends to crop up.
  • Good escorts are careful. Very careful. At the very least, they make sure that their client knows that someone knows where they are, and when they are expected back.
  • Escorting can be a problem for a lot of potential partners. A lot of guys have major issues being the partner of an escort. FWIW, from what I've seen, the guys who are right for you will support your chosen profession (though they may not want to know too much about your day at the office). Dropping the guys who can't cope will probably NOT cost you your life partner, but may cost you some of those funnish 6-24 month relationships.
  • Face photos or not in ads. Based on the experience of friends, there is a type of predatory guy who sees a hot body without a face and thinks "she's shy. I can start playing power games". Be aware that if you do not show your face, and esp if you are a hot young woman, this is catnip to some clients who will derive pleasure from making you uncomfortable, pushing your boundaries, maybe more etc. You think you're there for sex, but that's not what it's about for him, (or it's just part of it). Personally I'd say that if you are not owning your escorting enough to show your face, you probably shouldn't escort. (I've also been told, by another escort on Twitter, and I quote "This is horrible advice. I don't show my face, many escorts don't show their face for myriad of legitimate reasons." This is also true. There are many ways to be an escort. If you do decide to, be sure you are making the right choices for the right reasons.).
  • Bareback - FFS just don't. It's a bonkers high risk activity for STD's and in my opinion if you are even thinking about bareback escorting you really haven't thought about things properly. The only time you should be bareback is with trusted regular partners OR on a professional porn shoot with certed partners. IF you want to do porn, and porn people hear that you are doing bareback with civilians, you are very likely to get blacklisted from porn.

In the context of a girl who models and cams, if you're going to escort, be up front about it. Guys love to book a porn girl, and you'll make more money.

and Finally

SAVE YOUR MONEY. If you escort from time to time, then OK, it's treat money. But if you escort on a regular basis and do well, SAVE YOUR MONEY - for a car, flat, whatever. Don't spend it all on clubbing, shoes and clothes :-) (Yes, I've seen girls make City Boy incomes but end up with nothing, because they spent it all).

DO JOIN - National Ugly Mugs - helps people share info about dodgy (dangerous) types so that you don't meet them.