Data Protection


We do not collect any personal data.

In the event of a hack, the hackers get nothing useful - no emails, no passwords, no personal information, because we don't collect any.


All the information we have is the information posted, at your request, publicly on the site.
Anyone can view it.
Google can find it.

It will be deleted on request.

If we our database is hacked, the hacker will get NOTHING ELSE. Because it doesn't exist. We don't collect it.

Redacted IDs - if we have asked you for this it is stored on our mail system. It is NOT on the site or in the database.

Pro-tip if you run a site (clip platforms, swinger sites, model sites) that have personal information, the core reason I had to change DFP was that GDPR advice was that because I had sexual orientation/interest information IF I had been hacked and these fields were NOT encrypted, I would have been looking at bankruptcy levels of fines...Even though there is no formal requirement to encrypt personal data, when it comes to sexual and medical information the standards are higher - "sensitive information" so in effect, you are expected to take extra care, which means, in practice, encrypted at rest. For me, the costs of making the system all encrypted at rest but still able to do things like "Find models who do BG in Scotland" via decryption on the fly was prohibitive.