CryptoCurrencies - the best way to pay and get paid in adult

Let be clear. This is NOT about investing in Crypto. That's all bullshit. This is about using Crypto as money - buying and selling with it. That's real.

If you want, I'm happy to speak on the phone and take you through the basics, or even meet and get you set up in person (needs you to bring your laptop. Needs you to come to my area or London, or Content Share day). No charge.

Performers and Producers - If you can get paid in Crypto, you get to keep ALL the money. 100% payout, no deductions.

  • This is a 66% PAY RISE if you currently get a 60% payout.
  • If your clients use it, no awkward entries on their bank or card statement.
  • No awkward issues re adult stuff with your bank either.
  • Just download and install the wallet software (easy) and you can accept crypto:-)


    Fans - a bigger slice of your money goes direct to the performers and producers you like

    WIN WIN!

    Long article below for those who want it. But bullet points :-

    • Everyone - get an Exodus Wallet , free, from
    • Performers/producers - you are now able to accept payments :-)
    • BUY Crypto (clients/fans) - and are both UK based businesses that will sell modest amounts (£100-£200) of cypto direct without all the hassle of an exchange. Ideal for people planning to SPEND their crypto on content and fun :-)

    Long Article :-

    Currently, How do you get paid for content? Let me count the ways :-

    Platforms (AW, OnlyFans, C4S etc)

    If the platform MAKES the sale, their commission is earned. But if YOU make the sales, by your social media promotion and marketing, all they are is an expensive file store. #worstdealever

  • For every £100 you sell, how much reaches your bank account? £80? £60? Less?
  • If you can go from £60 to £100 by cutting out the platform that's a 66% increase in your income from the SAME level of sales.
  • Work it out, but if you have any kind of decent sales, you are losing HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of pounds/dollars/euros. Want to keep that money for yourself? Read on :-)


    Direct via PayPal, Circle etc

  • Low costs compared to platforms, (you get all the money), but the danger here is that you are breaching their rules, and if someone reports you, you can get your account cancelled. This can and does happen. And they do NOT forgive. I know people who have been PayPal banned for more than 15 years.


    Cryptocurrencies provide a very useful alternative.

    Think of them like tokens. (Though they are better than that). But clients are already happy with buying tokens, so useful when getting them to move to crypto.

    Basically you have a Wallet, which holds your money, and has an address that you publish so people can send you money.

    A wallet address is just numbers and letters. It does not have your name attached.

    Using Crypto, Part 1

    • You sell your content with cryptocurrency as a payment option. You get ALL the money.
    • When you have £100-£200 of crypto in your account, you swap them for "real money". This means you don't have to worry about the price changing (see table below that shows this using real numbers)
    • Send the real money to your bank. All your bank sees is an incoming transfer from another financial institution. Nothing adult to see here, move along now :-)


    • None. Transaction costs are low and paid by the sender. So if a client buys a £20 video pack, you get £20. (Note, some Crypto services have got minimum fees, but pure wallets should be free)
    • Exchange costs - if you use a one stop shop like* , about 5% to convert from Crypto to Fiat (Fiat is the proper term for "proper" money, i.e. pounds/dollars). Minimum fees (low pounds) apply to small transactions.
      • FYI The Post Office has a 16% margin between Euro buy and sell prices, and if you use your Debit/Credit card overseas, 2.5-6% conversion seems typical. 5% is very reasonable.

    Of course in order to get paid in Crypto, customers need to have crypto. This will happen once they realise that it's good for them too. Which it is:-

  • They can use crypto for all their adult needs AND other things.
  • Crypto porn purchases don't show up on their bank statement
  • The transaction is between their anonymous wallet and your anonymous wallet.
  • They can buy small amounts of crypto, so easy to get started. In fact, to get started, they can even buy crypto from you, or me
  • They can sell any spare crypto back for "proper" money.


    How many clients are geared up to pay with Crypto? Right now? Very few. They need educating.

    Present Crypto as an option, show them that it benefits you and them, and they will slowly come on board. Then there will be a tipping point when everyone has crypto and uses it to buy many things online. When that happens, EVERYONE will see their money go up as the expensive clip sites get dumped :-)

    Tell clients to get a wallet then buy some crypto. They should do so by registering on an exchange. But anyone who has crypto can sell them some - hand cash to a friend with crypto, send a bank transfer, anything can work. If you run an in person business - for example a swingers club, you can help them set up a wallet on their phone, then they can give you cash for crypto and when they leave, they have crypto to spend :-)

    Using Crypto, Part 2 - How to get started.

    • Get a FREE Wallet for the currency(s) of your choice. There are mobile, desktop and hardware wallets. Best start with a Desktop one. Download it, install it, follow the instructions to create your wallet, done. Look at Exodus. Good and easy to use. It's what I use.
    • Publish the address, wait for people to send you money.
    • Accept Bitcoins and Ether as the most widely used, but say Ether is preferred. (Bitcoin is bad for the environment, uses too much electricity. Ether transactions are also cheaper for the buyer. BTC is about $1, Ether is about 30c. Others are even cheaper.
    • There are also adult industry specific coins being developed - google spankchain and - but it's early days for these. Accept them as payment but view as experimental (i.e. don't let your funds build to high, and probably only allow for digital content, not physical goods) until you have satisfied yourself that you can do easy conversions to fiat. FWIW I have met the people and like their concept, because they are building a reputation system into it (so, no more timewasters).

    When you have maybe 100-200 pounds/euro/dollars worth of crypto, you then need to convert them to proper money. The usual way to do this is via an exchange (see below). However, for people I like, I will do it at cost, to help you get started.

    Using Crypto, Part 3

    • Getting serious - using an exchange.
    • Once you have tested things out you'll want an account with an exchange. This is to allow you to easily swap between currencies, and extract your "proper" money when you want.

    Exchanges are now proper financial services companies - you should be able to check that it is registered and regulated. A lot of them do not like adult (usual story) so you need to find one that does OR use a bit of camouflage.

    Camouflage - This is where that Desktop wallet you set up comes in useful - that is your public address. You take the money in, then send it to your exchange wallet. The exchange doesn't know you are in adult and so long as you don't tell, probably doesn't care. If you are very paranoid, you can route through multiple wallets if you like.

    That said - I use because they are fine with adult, EU based, regulated under Uk Financial Services, and offer merchant software that I plan to use.

    USA people - I think that most of the adult friendly Crypto/Fiat systems are locked out of the USA by regulations.You probably need to find and use more informal peer2peer systems and forums for cash/crypto transactions. Or a friendly fan/client you willing to help.

    Crypto Volatility doesn't matter to us. We take the money and run. Here's why :-

    Volatility of crypto matters if you buy lots and hold it. But not if you just use it temporary.

    Below are what happens to your money in 3 cases.

    • Case 1 - Investor - you buy £1000 of crypto and it triples over a year. Well done. You have £3000.
    • Case 2 - Investor - it falls to just 30% of when you bought it. Oops. You have £300
    • Case 3 - Business using crypto to just get bloody paid. That's us, pissed off with PayPal and clipsite percentages. Lets do this month by month and assume crazy price moves :-
      • Month one. Crypto price is £1=C1. You sell £500 of content. You have C500, turn it into real money, £500 in the bank.
      • Month two. Crypto price is UP, yea :-) . C1 now buys you £1.50. You sell £600 of content. You have C400. Turn into real money. Another £600 in the bank. (Note, the fact that the price of crypto went up has no impact on your actual take home money). You now have £1100 in the bank.
      • Month three. Crypto FALLS!!!!. 1C is now worth just 30p. You sell £400 of content. You have C1200. Turn it into real money. Another £400 in the bank. (Note, the fact that the price of crypto went down has no impact on your actual take home money). You now have £1500 in the bank. Exactly the same as if you'd been paid cash money.

    How does this work? Simple, as the price of C to £ changes, when people want to buy, you tell them how many C to send you, so they are always sending you the same amount of real money. Even though, over the three months, the crypto currency lost two thirds of it's value!

    Imagine that you took C for model bookings. Your booking in month one "OK, you can pay me £500 cash, or send me C500". In month two it's "you can pay me £600 cash or C400". In month three "£400 cash or C1200". You always get your money because you are always asking for the right amount of C to get you what you need in £. It simply doesn't matter what the price of C is on the day.

    But remember, keep turning C into £. Don't hold C UNLESS YOU PLAN TOO. If you had held C then at the end of month one you'd have C500=£500. Month two C900=£1350 (Oooo, we're in the money, £1350 from £1100 of work...). Month three leaves you holding C2300=£690, (oops). If you needed that for your rent, you have a problem. If you had not been greedy, you'd have finished month 3 with £1500.