Content Share


The basic idea is simple - get together with other performers and make porn. Each of you gets the content you are in, and you can sell it to your fans.

  •, Clips4Sale, ManyVids, OnlyFans and various other sites are where you can put it to sell.
  • If 100 fans each pay 5 to see you in a scene, that's 500 for you :-)
  • If you did 4 scenes that day (and you can, people work hard on content days, and 4 scenes is BG, GG, BG, GG), then they could earn you 2000. Probably not immediately, but over a few months if you promote them on Twitter etc it soon mounts up.
    Costs are low - at most you share the rent of an apartment to shoot in, and perhaps pay a guy to shoot/edit (but usually people keep it informal - a performer not in the scene does the filming, and everyone edits their own using free/cheap basic editing software).

DirtyFunPeople Performers - you get given access to the Content Share area IF you fill in the Content Share part of your Profile. We then make you a CS Member, but we can revoke that if you annoy people - MALES THIS MEANS YOU DO NOT COLD CALL girls asking to do content. Set up an event and publicize that rather than go direct.


The point about content share isn't to say yes because people ask you, it's to say YES! when the content you'll get is the content you want and need. So BE PICKY.

How to do it right

1) Choose who you work with and what you do with them.

  • If you are setting up the Content Share, then YOUR DAY, YOUR RULES.
  • If you only want cute peeps, say so. And when the older ones contact you, just say "sorry, but you're not what I'm looking for for this material".
  • Know what YOU need from the day. Initially simple clips and scenes will do, but as you get experience and find what works, take charge. But for new girls, the following basic rules are worth keeping in mind :-)
    • TRIPODS and POV - AVOID. ALWAYS have a third person hold the camera.

Lights? Skilled Cameraman? Or Not?

  • If you want a lovely well lit scene, you need lights and an experienced person holding the camera. Make sure that at least one person on the day can bring the kit and experience. If they are NOT a performer, they might want to be paid. It is well worth investing in some portable lights (£250-£300, maybe less).
  • If you want "me and a client", that can work without special lighting and with someone without experience holding the camera. The results will look very amateur and, "as it happened", but that's also a look that works commercially, esp for escorts. If you are models working together, go for this look until you have the skills and kit to aim for a more polished one.


Editing is hell, and most people hate it. Generally people (esp the camerapeople) share raw or very lightly edited footage. You might well consider that it looks crap at this stage. It's up to you to than take that and edit into what you want, usually by cutting, cutting, cutting, and contrast/brightness and colour correction. The only way to do this, is to practice. The more of a high end look you want, the more you need to do in the editing stage.

Editing a 30 min scene properly can take 1-2 days. The serious brand sites do this, but most performers for their own content, don't. They tend use as is or just slightly tighten it up. Because editing is hell :-)


  • You should do a day or two a month so that you can always be adding scenes.
  • By working with 2-3 other models and a long day, you should get several scenes from a session. Great value.
  • The more you add, the more money you make. New fans who find you in 6 months will pay for your new stuff, but also go back and get your old stuff :-)

3) Document everything.

  • For EACH performer you work with you should a copy of two ID's (usually passport and driving licence) and a Model Release. If you don't, then your use of the material will be limited to sites that don't require documentation. (By the time everyone has every ones else paperwork there's a lot of signing to do!).
  • Sample text for a Model Release. " taken part in a porn shoot, featuring real sex, and I am allowing that content to be sold or distributed however I understand that the intention is for widespread distribution on the Internet, inc Twitter and free sites. I DO NOT expect my face or identity to be hidden in any way. If this causes issues for me in the future, I accept that risk and have no comeback".
  • Everyone should also sign a Content Share Agreement. This states who has what rights to what scenes and saves arguments later. The TOG should NOT get any rights, or if they do, those should be very limited. E.g. He shoots 4 BG scenes. Rights to put just ONE on AW should be reward enough.
  • DATA PROTECTION - the agreement should note how any documents like ID's will be used. You CAN say that they may be sent to third party sites like clip sites and platforms, but you MUST get the platform to confirm that they store them "encrypted at rest". If you don't, you could be fined a LOT under GDPR rules.

How to take part in a Content Share

  • Look out for Content Share Events.
  • Join a Content Share Group
  • Contact models you'd like to work with and ask if they want Content Share with you.

How to Organise a Content Share Day

  • Decide on a Date and Location and in Add Content, create Event.
  • For your first one, keep it simple, hold it at your house and use simple rules such as "Girls, get rights in everything they are in, guys get none".
  • Generally people are NOT willing to pay towards a studio or good location. Your day, you pay, you decide what happens.

Guidelines for a good day :-

1) Not too many people.

  • 4-5 is perfect for twosomes and threesomes.
  • In fact two girls in a house with volunteer cameraman/stud can have a very productive day - scenes in Living room, kitchen, shower, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, and repeat with "slut" theme, "audition" theme and "sub/dom". That's a two day session :-)
  • But if you have 6-7 people then it's crowded and lots of people do too much sitting around. Not productive unless Group Sex or Party Scenes are what all the performers want or you can shoot in multiple rooms at the same time.

2) Expect, and plan for, a full day.

  • Because people are doing this for their own benefit I find that people tend to want to get as much as possible done.
  • Being able to offer overnight accom (even if just space for a sleeping bag) is useful as it allows people to come from further away.

3) Plenty of Notice

  • People are busy - 4-6 weeks notice is best, though if you suddenly have a day free or venue access at short notice, always worth a try.

4) Be sure that your cameraman is reliable.

  • In particular he should be clear about delivery terms - how will he get the stuff to the models?
  • Raw video files are very large. Raw video runs at about 12GB per hour. So if I have 5 scenes from one performer, and each is about 30mins, that 2 1/2/ hours, about 30GB. Take flash drives to dump to after shoot, or that he can post to you later.