Age (and other) Verification


If you look young, (lucky you) or escort, we might want to see a REDACTED copy of a legal ID.

You can use Paint or other program to paint over ALL the information other than your photo and your age. If we can see that the photo is you, and the age is OK that's fine. You can actually delete the day and the month if the year shows 18+. We don't need to know your name, address or the document number. Paint them out. BUT DO make sure we can see that the document is real.


New rules are coming in the next few months. (Probably. It was supposed to be 2018).

Porn sites will have to age verify and stop kids seeing porn. Social media sites with less than 30% porn do not. (Whatever 30% means...)

So, we have a simple NO PORN rule on this site.

We're about bringing together the people who make it, so we don't need to show it.

If you are here looking for porn, Google is your friend :-)