Advice 4 New Models

DFP is a site that deals with ADULT and PORN levels. If you are interested in more mainstream work try the other sites such as Purple Port

Still here? :-) Then this page has advice to help new people get into the business in the right way. OR, in most cases (do think carefully), realise that it's not for them, and avoid what can be a major life mistake. the other articles go into more depth re making money etc.

When you do porn, the porn stays done, stays on the Net etc. So, don't do it unless you are sure it's the right thing for you.

STOP!!!! Do you have a good business brain? Can you promote yourself and build fan relationships?

If NO, then, you could have fun and part time money in this business but you will probably NOT build a good full time multi year income.

What does being an adult/porn model involve doing?

Whatever you like :-) Commonly :-

  • Webcamming - messing around on cam, and in private rooms, being nude, playing with your bits, and, if you want, performing with other girls/guys at levels from messing about to full sex.
  • Modelling
    • Amateur Shoots - guys with cameras who like to take photos/videos. Mostly very nice people. They tend to have limited budgets and mainly shoot solo, or, if they can afford it, POV (them having BJ/sex with you).
    • Professional Shoots - shoots with people who really know what they are doing. If hardcore, this is proper porn, with other porn girls and studs having sex on camera etc. Great fun, a chance to meet other people in the biz and network. FANTASTIC PR - when it comes out you milk it hard to grow your fan base who will then buy your stuff and cam shows :-)
  • Your OWN shoots, BE A PRODUCER :-) - work with other models to make porn, and then you all sell it to your fans - called Content Share. 1-2 days a month intensive shooting is best, aiming to get 3-6 scenes done each day. I know many girls who get £100 a week from clip sales, and some tell me £1000 a week, (though the high end girls have built up hundreds of clips over many years and a huge fan base. But it shows what you can do, if you are businesslike).
  • Escorting / Sex Parties Fancy escorting? It can be tempting, the money can look good. BUT...Think very carefully. It might be something you can do, or not. But don't do it just for the money - that's a really good way to mess your head.


It's hard to say how much you can make, or how you'll make it, and to an extent it depends on your looks, attitude and what you find you enjoy doing. For example, if you hate solo camming you won't make loads of money on cam and will need to concentrate on shoots and content (and selling it) or working with cam partners. However if you do a mix of camming, porn, and content then once you have built a fan base, you should be a able to make a decent income. But you are unlikely to get rich and if you have a potential "proper" career option, that is likely to be the better long term financial choice.

But there is a LOT of competition - I've known plenty of hot girls who tried to do everything right but, after an initial flurry of shoot bookings, it dried up. They couldn't build a fan base to get camming for or selling content to. Be careful, be organised.

I want to be an adult/porn model, how do I start?

My best advice - Don't.

If you want to be a "proper" actress, singer, WAG, work in schools, the police etc, Don't do adult.

It's not glamour, frocks, riches, red carpets and C lists celebs, but hard work needing an organised attitude, and, for hardcore porn work, a lust for the simple physical enjoyment of fucking, fucking anyone, anywhere, and in the most awkward positions. You MUST BE A GENUINE EXHIBITIONIST, who loves the fact that that people will be able to watch you fucking. For the fetish side, it's also about control over your body, testing yourself and self expression. And as to riches, there are none. Some well organised girls make a decent living from it, but most models do this part time around their day job. It's about fun, lifestyle and sexuality and getting into it for the money would be a mistake.

I'll repeat that - if money is your motivation and you are not turned on by the idea of the work itself then getting into this can really mess you up. Don't. (That £1000 a week that you can make camming, that only goes to the girls who ENJOY it. It's a full time job to make that money and you might be able to fake it for an hour, but not day in day out...)

Hopefully I've put 9 out of 10 you off. But if you still want to do it....

GET SOME DECENT PORTFOLIO PICS - nice, well lit, images of you. Specifically, a smiling head shot, full frontal and side nudes. Any other pics of your self that you like and show your modelling skills. And for GUYS, you need BG action pics if you are claiming to be a stud - pics showing your face and her face, and your cock in her pussy or mouth.

You must be 18+, and, (to prove your age and ID for record keeping purposes) have PASSPORT and DRIVING LICENCE (provisional is fine), or one of those and a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

  • Girls - as long as it's part of your sexuality to work to whatever levels you have chosen, and you are comfortable with friends/family finding out, I can help you get started. Happy to have a phone conversation (yes, a talk. Not a text chat, not a DM session. This is business).
  • Couples - if you are both willing to work with others, contact me. If you will only with each other, you can have an adventure, but there won't be a lot of work on shoots. Camming however can be very good - mainly for her, but enough will want to watch BJs and sex to let you both play. Contact me for a chat and pointers.
  • Males FIND A NEW GIRL who wants to do porn. If you can't find a girl, you need to PROVE your ability with a shoot before anyone will take you at all seriously, (and even then the odds are seriously stacked against you). Contact me if you're serious. Be advised that you will in effect be your own producer - so paying the girl at her professional rate, plus cameraman. Be also advised that most guys who try this, can't get hard in front of a stranger with a camera. DO NOT start contacting girls here UNLESS you are offering them proper pay for the shoot OR you are replying to their forum or event post seeking guys.
    • EVEN IF YOU CAN PERFORM it's TOUGH to make money. To be honest, it's almost impossible to make a living as a stud and pretty damned hard to get more than one a shoot a month. That said, it is fun :-)

Ethics, Morals and Money in Porn

Porn people tend to be libertarian - non judgemental, do what you wanna do.

But that only works if everyone is fully informed. Problems arise when people have different ideas and didn't ask the right questions or communicate them effectively.

Examples :-

  • "The photographer touched me to open my legs wider". Some girls wouldn't bat an eye, for others that's an assault.
  • "The photographer pressured me for a BJ, said all the girls do it, but it was just a solo shoot I was booked for". Some girls would shrug it off or tell him to "Fuck Off", some be offended, some would do it, some would bite, hard. FYI it is NEVER part of the shoot to provide sexual services over and above those that have been agreed as part of the shoot. Guys will ask - they're guys after all - but a firm NO! usually suffices.

How to deal with these issues - set rules? play by ear? etc :-

Most girls play it by ear, and are quite happy to simply reject any unwanted advances.

Some girls will have rules that they email to the photographer during the process of making the arrangements. :-

  • A No Touching rule is quite common, esp for glamour and art nude levels, - "you do not touch me without permission, you ask me to move or you ask if you can touch my leg / whatever to move it. I am your model, not your toy". As a stud, I've never had a photographer feel he needs to touch me to get me in the right position / erect. Though if one did, it wouldn't bother me, UNLESS I thought he was doing it to get off on it. In which case I'd politely tell him to back off.
  • A "DO NOT ASK for HJ/BJ/Interaction on solo shoots" rule is an option - it will cost you bookings, but they're not the bookings you want, so who cares. (Most porn girls don't have a rule about asking, they just say NO when asked, so they get the shoot, and get paid, which is the main thing. But if you don't want to be asked, and are willing to risk the shoot, make it a rule and tell them in advance).
  • A "please confirm that this is NOT for ABC site/person/company, or to be sold to them" line can deal with issues related to particular people or companies. Again, if the shoot is for them, you'll lose the work, but you don't want the work, so that's fine.

Some girls rules will vary according to the level of the shoot - a full sex porn girl if booked for art nude might be strictly "No Touching", but if the guy asks for a BJ on set, say "Yes, for my BJ shoot fee, an extra X". These girls quite rightly want to get properly paid for their work. It's all about your personal combination of morals/ethics/and money.

Model Releases and why they matter

Most producers/photographers will ask you to sign a model release because most of the clients - publications, websites etc - will not pay them unless they provide it.

This will allow them to publish the work in accordance with the release. If you don't like what they do with it, tough.

Be aware that it will generally allow them to do anything they like with the material, including multiples sites, free sites, tube sites, sales to third parties etc.

It is NOT a legal requirement that such a release be signed, but if you don't, they can still pretty much do what they like with the content because you were presenting as a model for hire (as opposed to a GF whose nudes become revenge porn if shared).

Beware Private Shoots

Never do "for private only" anything that you would be unhappy to see published. Always assume that they might be published and limit yourself accordingly.

It all comes down to evidence. As a model, if you go to the court 5,10,15 years from now and argue that "this particular shoot was not for publication", you will be expected to provide solid evidence. A document, signed by the photographer, stating that the work is not for publication. Read that again - it's not up to him to prove that he has the rights to publish - that's taken as a given if the pics show a person who clearly know that they are being photographed - it's up to you to prove that he doesn't have such rights. Ask yourself - will you get such a document signed, and are so good at keeping paperwork that you'll still have in 5,10,15 years time?

Also, what happens if they are published? The damage is done. They can't be unpublished. All that a court can grant you is damages, which might be very low, and if large, impossible to collect if the guy has little / no money. Also, going to court will cost you money - hundreds, maybe thousands, and if you're not willing to pay, the guy gets away with it.

I didn't give permission for it to go on ABC site

Actually, if you signed a release, you probably did. Most releases, however worded, basically say "can be used anywhere, anytime, anyplace, resale to anyone for any use etc".

If you didn't sign a release, then you probably did as well, IF you are presenting as a model for hire - see Private shoots above.

If you really want to nail down where material can go, you need to provide your own release, on a per shoot basis, where the photographer fills in, in detail, where the material will be used, and includes a line like "for any other publication, web site or sale to third party, model's permission must be obtained in writing". Be aware that no commercially minded adult
photographer/producer is ever likely to agree to such terms, (because while they might know the INITIAL outlet, they will want other sales, plus the right to resell unencumbered to third parties with groups of sites), so such a stance will cost you work.

What should I charge?

It really is very hard to give detailed numbers, esp at the softer rates. For softer rates some amateur girls in cheaper parts of the UK will do solo nude for £30 an hour at their house, while a high quality full time London glamour / art nude model might charge £80, discounting only for bookings of 4 hours or more. It really depends on your look and ability as a model. Also the ability of the photographer. Photographers who are good, will pay for good models, because good models can deliver the images they want to capture.

If you quote and don't get work, maybe you are asking too much. But if you are getting work, don't let cheapskates force you down. It's down to you and how you feel. Some girls want to charge "full" rates as that's how they perceive their value. Others charge low rates because they like to be busy and a day or two without work gets them worried.

The rates below are what attractive girls aged 18-30 and size 8-12 should find reasonable. Older models, bigger models, (esp if outside London/SE) tend to have to accept the lower end of these numbers, or even a bit below. But not so far below as it's taking the piss, (esp if it's any type of POV). Please report piss taking lowballing guys BUT make sure you have stipulated MINIMUM RATES on your listing, or your initial message to them.

Stipulating Minimum Rates

If you quote per hour rates, say BG £100ph, but wouldn't do a BG scene for £100, then clearly you're thinking in terms of £300 for three hours and 1-2 Bg scenes plus solo. But photographers, or video guys looking for quick POV might say - £100 for the hour? £50 as it's just 30mins BJ? To save yourself aggro, if you have minimums, include them in either your listing or your initial response to an enquiry. For solo work it's best have an hourly rate, with a minimum booking time, and discounts for whole days, e.g. :-

Solo, £40 per hour, minimum booking 2 hours at my home/local. For half day of 4 hours, 140, for a Full Day of 8-10 hours 200.

Hardcore work doesn't really work on hourly rates, but what you do in the shoot. For hardcore work it's best to say something like:-

BG - 3 hours (inc two scenes), £X. Long booking/more scenes, by discussion, but ABSOLUTE MINIMUM - 1 hj/bj, in one hour, local to me, £Y.

Note - If YOU respond to a post offering work, then the guy is allowed to offer you whatever his rate is, even if it's below your minimum. This is because sometimes models short of money will work for less than their stated minimum. But for a guy to contact you out of the blue, they are expected to have read your listing. If their work offered post states the pay, and you then complain, that's not allowed, and you'll be marked as a model who doesn't read properly either!

Fetish and BDSM

Difficult to say, but for shoots which are not too painful, and which will not leave marks, and do not involve any sexual contact, £100 - £200 is typical. Shoots where bruising is expected pay £500-£800, but note that you can't do other work until healed.

HOWEVER, whether you are asked to be sub or dom, if you are doing Impact Play (canes, spanks, slaps, paddles, basically ANY type of hitting people) make sure you know how to be safe.

DO NOT SUB to someone who cannot show you that they know what they are doing. You could get hurt.

DO NOT DOM until you have been trained by an experienced person. A DOM can train you on all things, but an experienced SUB can train you on the use of potentially dangerous things like whips, canes and paddles.

In the UK you CANNOT CONSENT to actual bodily harm, so if harmed, you can go to the police, and if you harm someone, even if they asked you to. Even if they PAID you to and signed consent forms, they can also go to the police, (or their wife might call the police when she sees the damage....).

If new, stay in the green zones I'd also add, for women, impact play on the breasts is also risky, don't allow.

Body modification guy jailed, even though he had written consent from his customers

Also - really just as a heads up, esp for anyone starting out as a Dom and possibly thinking about marketing, don't mix Dom with Therapy unless you ARE a Therapist. As a Dom, your clients should KNOW they want to be SUB and UNDERSTAND themselves well enough to know why. If you think they need therapy, and you can't provide that properly, send them to someone who can.

Hardcore GG

  • Varies, but a "fair days pay for a fair days work" should be on the table.

Hardcore BG

  • The lowest acceptable rate for most models is "approx 1- 2 hours mainly solo with HJ/BJ or POV" for which many amateurs and semi professionals offer around £150 - £200. Some models treat this as bread and butter work, esp if they can work from home and book in 1-2 jobs a day. Others avoid it, or insist on it being local to them.
  • Serious amateur style and smaller scale producers usually offer £300-400 for full sex with penetration, and that will usually involve whatever can be filmed in 2-3 hours. (Typically a BG scene (possibly 2) and some solo or silly fetish or BJ with faked CIM). The producers at this level tend not to be fussy, and are just seeking girls to fill quota. If they want YOU they will usually offer more. Travel - if they want you to travel, ask for travel money.
  • If you are "pornstar" material though, you will be wanting to very quickly step up to the bigger companies, with more money to spend, and, importantly, too many other overheads to risk wasting money with a "no show" who got a better offer. Expect £400+ plus travel for simple BG hardcore work for a major production company, or £550-600+ for a day booking (2-3 scenes).
  • You can try and charge more, provided you accept that it will limit the work you get. To get away with this you need to be drop dead gorgeous, and of the view that you only want to do occasional shoots for the biggest companies. Your hardcore porn is more about fun/fan base than day to day living.

How to spot a genuine photographer/producer

Always tricky until you start a two way conversation, at which point the real guy will make it very clear what levels they want, and what money they are offering, even if dates and locations won't be known until later, (esp if it's a matter of juggling diaries, or he's going to be travelling to you and needs to see when he can schedule it).

In general most girls will want to be sure it's all real if they will need to travel any distance. You can check this by asking for a deposit (you won't normally get one, unless you need to fly), or asking other site members (esp those who have commented or are in "Worked With".

Where girls have doubts they usually agree to a no deposit shoot if the shoot will be local to them, so they're not out of pocket if it goes tits up.

Give marks for guys whose initial contact ticks the following boxes, (and if it doesn't, does so in businesslike discussion/emails/PM's once initial contact has been made) :-

  • Is clear about levels - it's a solo shoot, it's a BJ shoot etc. Additional info "cosplay" or "CP will leave bruises" is extra good. IMPORTANT - some people will be very detailed in their requirements. Make sure YOU follow them for any booking you take. E.G If a photographer says "don't change your hair colour/style" then don't. If he has been asked to commission blondes and you go red the week before, when you turn up he'll probably send you home, without paying you or covering your expenses.
  • Has a listing here, or elsewhere, with pictures of multiple models. So he is clearly used to shooting and thus paying girls.
  • Has good positive comments
  • Indicates his budget or asks for your rate for the job. (Note, if he hasn't given a location just quote him a X plus travel. If shoot duration is unclear, say "assuming 3 hours total, X plus travel".
  • Includes an idea of dates / locations

Take away marks for guys who :-

  • Just say "wat r ur rates?" with no indication of levels. Just respond "tell me what you want to shoot".
  • Have no examples of their work.

Be VERY WARY of guys, who, once you start discussing a shoot:-

  • Who engage in "level creep" - the booking is for a solo but then they start asking about BJ or whatever. These guys are usually timewasters - the ones who want a solo then BJ either ask up front, or wait until the shoot and push their luck. The guys who do "level creep" are just feeding the fantasy. As soon as this happens tell them you want them to book a studio so that you can confirm the booking has been made.
  • Who want to be your friend. Maybe they will become your friend, but that is something to discover (or not) when you meet in person. Until then, they should be professional in attitude.


As a model, just don't cancel with less than one weeks notice. Whatever reason you give it won't be believed and word will get round that you are unreliable.

If photographers cancel at less than one weeks notice, IMO they should pay half the agreed fee, plus any out of pocket expenses (tickets already purchased etc, have a receipt), up to a cut of of £150.

The Dark(ish) Side - idiots, cheapskates, Guys With Cameras, Managers, Cons and Scams

  • Idiots - timewasters, fools and people who seem to be dodgy. If they are from DFP, please Bob List them.
  • Cheapskates - want a lot for very little. Tell them no. Bob List them.
  • GWC's - guys who like to take pics, or , more commonly, film themselves having sex, but who can't show you any work (because it's for their private collection, or "the web site is under development"). Some models love this work and do very well from it, but others avoid it and have a strict "for publication only" rule. Your choice. If you don't want GWC's, state so clearly in your Model Listing text, something like "all photographers/producers must be able to provide published work references - magazines, websites etc,".
  • Managers - there are guys out there who will promise to manage you in return for a slice of all your income - clips, camming, bookings etc. These relationships usually end badly, esp if you are good at making money, because pretty soon it's "why am I giving you so much money?" My advice - avoid, but agree fixed prices for services - e.g. "100pm for marketing", "150 for a day's shooting, to inc all editing etc". Serious people will be happy with that, and take a "pay me when you make the money" attitude.
  • Cons and Scams - too many to list but as a new girl simply know this :-
    • SOCIAL MEDIA HACK. This came to my attention re Twitter. It may apply to other sites as well. The con artist approaches a busy girl offering to manage the social media so she can focus on camming, clients and vids. She gives them her login to twitter. A little later they fall out, and the girl, being sensible, changes her password. HOWEVER this doesn't stop the scammer accessing her account and changing it, and other details, again, locking her out and holding it to ransom or just posting crop some all her followers bail.

      See - where it says :-

      Note: Changing an account's password does not automatically log the account out of Twitter for iOS or Twitter for Android applications. In order to log the account out of these apps, sign in online and visit Apps in your settings. From there you can revoke access for the application, and the next time the app is launched, a prompt will request that the new password be entered.

      This matters because the scammer is logged in already as you using THEIR iOS or Android, so they can stay logged in and be bastards and even lock you out by changing things again.

      Motives for this scam seem to be blackmail - "pay us to get your account back" or unrequited love turns bad. Possibly just high end trolling.

      MOTTO - NEVER let anyone else have your Twitter logins to post as you. (Note, this is not a risk re sites that you authorised, like AIR. We do not have your login details).

    • UNPAID CASTING CON. NEVER do an unpaid casting/audition for porn. The serious parts of the Uk industry book girls based on looks and rep. No such thing as a mainstream style casting. There ARE casting scenes, but you'll be paid for those. What some producers do like to do is meet girls in person, but they tend to do this around industry events or when you/they are visiting each others area, and it's more about putting you on their list of girls to shoot in due course than any particular project. And all that meet involves is coffee in Costa, not getting kit off.
    • SILLY MONEY CON. If you get offered very high rates be very suspicious. You are probably about to waste your time, and possibly about to be fucked over.
    • FAKE AGENT CON. A proper agent will NEVER charge you. The "we have work waiting, all you need to do is pay for this test shoot" is crap.
      • IMPOSTER ALERT: we only make bookings through DM @FakeTaxi . We do not do bookings via adultwork or the email (from the FakeTaxi people).
      • FALSE DOC ALERT - fake Amazon Gift Cards. How to tell? All real ones come from Amazon. Fake ones might use Hotmail or other such service. Cash in the card before giving the show or whatever.
      • IMPOSTER ALERT : ‏@FakeTaxi Feb 17 Please be aware @modelshotzspain are in NO way associated with @FakeTaxi

Stay Safe

Going to a shoot can be a risky thing - meeting someone you don't know, possibly alone.

Trust your gut instinct

If it's telling you not to take the job, DON'T.
If you've arrived somewhere and you are getting dodgy vibes, leave. Put it down to experience.

Have a Car

If you have driven to the location you can leave whenever you like. If you got collected from a station and are now in some soulless suburb,or, worse still, the countryside, you can't.

Have escape money

If you've got 100 quid in cash you can get home.


All good photographers/producers will allow a chaperone, and while asking them to stay out of the room/studio they will be within earshot.


Professional Studios are obviously much safer than hotels and houses.
If you work from home, think about rigging up a security camera to monitor the room(s) you shoot in.

REPORT bad experiences

To us, and also Ugly Mugs and perhaps the police. is getting a lot of positive attention - it's in effect a shared database of idiots you don't want to deal with.


If you feel that a photographer/producer has mislead you, please let me know as if several models flag the same person, I can delete them from this site.

If someone goes beyond the agreed terms - i.e. does things to which you have not consented, they are guilty of the criminal offence of assault (possibly worse). This is something which you can go to the police with. More to the point, you can tell the guy that if he doesn't back off, you will do so.

Health and Safety

Porn is a risky activity - it's fucking strangers :-) Be safe!

Safety in Spanking/CP and hard BDSM/Fetish

If this isn't a scene you are personally into, but will consider for shoots, be warned.

I know too many models who have said yes to this type of work, and then been hurt/bruised much more badly than they expected. The work can pay very well, but if you do get bruised, you need to take time off.

My advice is to ask the following questions:-

  • Will it hurt?
  • Will it bruise?
  • Will it bleed? (Do not do this unless it is your lifestyle)
  • Do you respect safe words? usual system is Green, Amber, Red, and generally if you say RED, shoots over. Photographers should be backing off at Amber.

Diet and Fitness

Your body is biology - understand it can you can look good and be healthy.

Best Diet is simple - good food made from scratch ingredients (no artificial crap to prolong shelf life or enhance mouth feel - yes, that's a thing). Combine this with a decent fitness regime - light weights and lots of cardio is best for staying trim. Cardio can be running, cycling or swimming. If swimming, build up to a mile 3-4 times a week. It will take about 2 months from a "fucked after one length", and soon you'll be doing a mile in 40-45mins.

Drink and Pies and Pizzas. In moderation as a treat, fine. If too much, cut them out. But you know that.

Crash Diets are BAD NEWS. They work in the short term BUT this is telling your body that you live in an area that suffers from famines. So when the food returns, the body sets more aside for the next famine. This is why Dieting Makes You Fat.

It's not about weight, it's about shape. Fat tissue weighs less than muscle, if you convert flab to trim muscle your weight might even go up, but your SHAPE will get trimmer.

To get your best shape you need to combine a good diet with plenty of exercise. Your body needs to learn that there is always plenty of food, but that what it needs is to be fit. Good news - exercise helps control appetite.

There are no shortcuts. Sorry.