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BUT - try scrolling down. Some articles and info is publicly visible. If you came here from a tweet or link about an article, you can probably see it. SCROLL DOWN is for anyone in the adult and sex work industries.

  • We are an independent site run by and for industry people. (I did my first porn performing in the 90's).
  • No one else gives a shit except for what they can make out of us. (Why should they, it's just business).
  • Based outside the USA, so no SESTA/FOSTA etc worries.

Think - One day there will be no Twitter for us, no Insta, so US based Social Media at all. At the very least, being on here gives you backup to connect with everyone when those sites kick us off.

If you are any of these categories, you should join :-

  • Porn Performers, inc everyone with an OnlyFans, Admireme, ManyVids etc
  • Cammers
  • Doms
  • Escorts
  • Content Makers
  • Location Owners



  • Contact info for members - multiple routes, for when we lose access to things
  • Find people to work with
  • Find locations
  • Find and post details of events
  • Secure Vault to store backups of your IDs and Releases (Free, and what happens to your income if you lose your paperwork?)
  • Promotion of your content
  • Verification of members
  • Forums
  • Private Groups - discuss things in private, organise activism
  • GDPR compliant - all your private data is encrypted.


People who were members of AIR or old DFP - you need to create a NEW ACCOUNT. Old accounts and logins were deleted, in accordance with GDPR, when I took old DFP down, having given up on finding any cost effective encryption systems. Long story short,. I have sort encryption, and we're back ! 


Welcome - get started

So, you made it. Great  :-)

Let's get you properly set up.

Your Account info and your Listing work together.*


Create a Listing.

They are all found below CREATE in the menu at the top of the page.


Click Edit My Account

Let's look at the most important fields, from top to bottom.

These data bits are used across the site with all your content and listings

a) Picture - have you added one? If not, you should. Not porn.

b) Personal Banner - have you added one?

You should, it provides lovely branding above all your listings and posts. Mine appears above this one. Nude is fine, but avoid genitals unless tasteful art nude. Admin rules on what is tasteful :-)

c) Name - a two part field.

URL - start typing the title of the Listing you created in Step 1. It's predictive, so you should see it present as an option. Select it.

Link Text - this is the text that will appear. For now, just type your name. You can change later when you see it in context.

d) Bio - appears above all your listings a posts. If not sure, just go with,  "Been in the biz since....", and edit later.

e) All your contact methods and sales points - so long as you include some ways that people can reach you, or buy stuff, you're good.

Usually email and social media.

Not many provide phones, but you can. Note that some have the same 2 part process as Name. Use it - avoids having messy links all over the place.



There is no Step 3 - you're good to go.

But spread the word - you want people to comment your listing and tell the world you're a great reliable professional person.

They will need to join to do that, but it's free and it's worth it :-)

Admin will catch up and look at verifying you and upgrading you. If nothing happens in the next 48 hours, chase us :-)


* You can have more than one listing, but most people will just have one.