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BUT - try scrolling down. Some articles and info is publicly visible. If you came here from a tweet or link about an article, you can probably see it. SCROLL DOWN is for anyone in the adult and sex work industries.

  • We are an independent site run by and for industry people. (I did my first porn performing in the 90's).
  • No one else gives a shit except for what they can make out of us. (Why should they, it's just business).
  • Based outside the USA, so no SESTA/FOSTA etc worries.

Think - One day there will be no Twitter for us, no Insta, so US based Social Media at all. At the very least, being on here gives you backup to connect with everyone when those sites kick us off.

If you are any of these categories, you should join :-

  • Porn Performers, inc everyone with an OnlyFans, Admireme, ManyVids etc
  • Cammers
  • Doms
  • Escorts
  • Content Makers
  • Location Owners



  • Contact info for members - multiple routes, for when we lose access to things
  • Find people to work with
  • Find locations
  • Find and post details of events
  • Secure Vault to store backups of your IDs and Releases (Free, and what happens to your income if you lose your paperwork?)
  • Promotion of your content
  • Verification of members
  • Forums
  • Private Groups - discuss things in private, organise activism
  • GDPR compliant - all your private data is encrypted.


People who were members of AIR or old DFP - you need to create a NEW ACCOUNT. Old accounts and logins were deleted, in accordance with GDPR, when I took old DFP down, having given up on finding any cost effective encryption systems. Long story short,. I have sort encryption, and we're back ! 


How do I, why, whatever - common questions?

In no particular order, yet.


How do I edit my Account info?

Click "Edit My Account" in the top of the page menu.


How do I edit my listings and other content?

Go to My Account. There is a list of all your stuff, with an EDIT link for each. (Only you can see the Edit link).

Also - You can edit content while on the content page itself. There is a  hard to find pen icon that pops up when you mouseover it. Desktop only as far as I can tell. (Doesn't work on my phone anyway). If you find it, great, if not, use the My Account method.


Help! - I don't appear in search results (Find)

Have you created a Listing of the right type?

A common error is that people complete their Account info, but no Listings.

Go to the Create menu, and you get a drop down. Click whichever applies and complete your Listing. 

Then you'll appear.

Once you have done so, see also  Link my Name to my main Listing? as that is your next step to get the most from the site.


Get one of those lovely personal banners?

Go  to Edit My Account

Upload a Personal Banner.


Link my Name to my main Listing?

Go to Edit My Account

In the Name field below Personal Banner, in the URL  box, (defaults to <nolink>) start to type the Title of your main listing. 

Then in the Link text, usually the same - they are both your name - but may be different. E.g your listing is ABC Productions, so in URL type ABC Productions, but then you'd have your name as the Link text.


Allow people to contact me?

Go to Edit My Account

Make sure some of the fields of contact info are filled in. Usually Public Email, and one or more social media. 


How do I have nice looking links - @PaulJonesAIR instead of

Go to Edit My Account

These links are made in a two part process:-

URL - this is the http://etc  that you already did.

Link Text (below it) - whatever you type in here will show on the screen. If you leave it empty, then the raw URL is displayed.


What are rules re content?

Picture - nice. (Not porn, def not a dick pic).

Personal Banner - tasteful. As a rule avoid genitals, but if they are included and we think it's tasteful, fine. Arty nudes, maybe. Fucking, not so much. 

Galleries - porn is fine. 

General : Logos, examples of your work, are all good. There is no requirement that images be of you, though Performers and Escorts should use images of themselves, and be clear if any images are of other people. 


How do I contact people?

Their listings and posts should display their contact info - normally some of email, phone, various social media, various sales routes. 

For comments, click their name to get to their Profile.

While you're here, is YOUR contact info up to speed? Go to Edit My Account and fill in any gaps :-)


How do I become a Basic Member?

All new people are made Basic Members once Admin has reviewed them.


How do I become a Full Member?

Create a Listing.

Then we upgrade you. This is usually done same day, but chase us if we miss you.


How do I become an Industry Member?

If you look real and established, have a commercial interest, and have a relevant Listing, we upgrade you. Chase us if we don't.


How do I become a Trustee?

Trustees are people that Admin knows personally, or come highly recommended. If we have worked together and you want to be a Trustee, contact me. If we don't know each other, contact me anyway, so long as you look like a reliable person, you'll be good.

Trustees are able to verify people. That, and a cool Membership Type is all you get. Kudos :-)


Where are the Doms? Where do I list as a Dom?

Dom is a Performer.

Find Performers, or, if you are a Dom, create a Performer Listing


Why no PayPal, CashApp etc fields?

Because it would make it too easy for them to find you and kill your account. Give people that info in private.