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When to have your own web site, and how to get it built

Everyone hates that platforms take 20%-30% of your money. 

So, what about your own web site.

TL/DR for Escorts - you need your own site so you can take deposits and payments.

TL/DR for performers/makers. If you sell content, (inc PPV,camming, customs, premium Snapchat etc) and are grossing more than $100pm you should research it. More than $200pm and it's probably cost effective. More than $500pm and I can  only assume that you  love to give platforms way more of your money than you need to. Lucky platforms.


Hosting and Design

All sites need hosting and to be designed. The following is applicable worldwide.


Self Built, hosted at home

Don't do this. I mean you CAN but it's technically tricky, and if you make a mistake EVERYTHING on your entire home network can be hacked.

Also, access depends on your UPSTREAM connection speed, which is usually very slow compared to your download speed. For a site serving video files, too slow.

But, if you fancy a challenge, excellent article


Online Site Builders like Wix

It's best to ask them point blank if they are OK with the type of site you want to run - porn, escorting etc.

Some will have Terms & Conditions that are clearly NOT adult friendly, others will have vaguer ones that allow them to boot you at any time. Read the T&C's.

TBH, with the political climate in the USA, I'd avoid any US based services.


Cheap Hosting, Self Built

If you want to build your own site, this is what most people do. 

From a technical POV - available CPU, Memory, Hard disk space, bandwidth etc should suffice for a typical adult site built in Wordpress.

You need an adult friendly host.

You get what you pay for. Cheap hosts ($10-$20 a month)  throw you a cPanel service and expect you to get on and figure it out yourself. Pretty much all you can expect the Helpdesk to do is get the domain pointing at your default front page. And that only if you actually bought the domain through them.

HOWEVER - if you want to engage with the learning curve of site building with tool like WordPress, this is how to start.


Cheap Hosting, Designer Built

Some designers, if you grant them access to your hosting, can build you a site, that you can then look after.

Prices vary widely, depending what you want.  If you are not careful, this can get a lot more expensive than you planned. Designers, like most people seeking to land a contract, simply say "Yes" to all, "can I have" questions. The right question is always, "does the price include...?".  

The "mistake to avoid" is where the design company also handles the changes to site content - shop products, galleries etc. YOU need to control this. It's easy to learn how. It is reasonable to rely on them to more occasional background tech stuff like software updates.

Lower end is, "pick a template from one on the designers site, give them graphics and let them set it all up. They show you have to make changes - add products, set prices, remove products, change images". You pay a fee, and then you're on your own, or paying again when you need them to update Wordpress etc because you are too nervous.

Higher end is a long too and fro about getting the design exactly how you like it. This is a really good way to end up with no site, and a large bill. The only way to make this work is to work with a local designer, who meets you face to face, and thrashes out, on paper, exactly what you want from the start.

Support Fees -  be they a monthly fee or an ad hoc one for work done, expect to pay these if you are unwilling to learn how to do basic backup and maintenance. Any "help!!" phone calls and emails by you are likely to be billable.


Designer Hosted

The designer builds and hosts the site, (on a suitably adult friendly host), and does the maintenance and updating as part of the contract.

Prices will vary - depending what you need on the "template to bespoke" line, but tend to boil down to an initial fee (largely driven by design work required) and a monthly fee for the hosting/servicing.


Lots of Video Files site

As soon as you start to add lots of videos you might hit hosting limits and infrastructure issues.

You might be able to resolve these by upgrading your hosting, but also consider using Amazon S3 as a Video Server



Getting Paid

The details of getting paid will depend where in the world you are as many of the smaller (but adult friendly) providers are restricted geographically, because financial services are locally regulated.

For example I have a CC payment company that charges low rates to porn sites, but is only authorised for sites where the site owner is European.

Payment providers who vet sellers will expect the SELLER to apply, and vet accordingly.

Once they have agreed, installing the WordPress payment plugin is usually easy and can be done by any web designer.


Credit Cards

Generally don't like adult. Fees are high, and you need to hunt for low rates, (and will often have to start high until you build track record)

But high risk oriented companies will handle adult content / goods, for a price. 

I have a low cost CC payment processor for Europe based content providers.

There are very strict rules laid down re video/content and the WORDS used to describe it. These are tighter than what the law requires, and, frankly, can be silly. (Not listed, because they change, but Mastercard banned "hypnosis" porn because it could be considered non consensual. Yeah, right).

Escorts - I haven't found any CC companies willing to provide payment for escort services. Escort selling content, fine. But not for a client actually paying a booking fee. If you know one, tell me. (I suspect escorts taking CC have lied to their CC company. They are "therapists" perhaps. All you need to know is that if you do this, all it takes it's one bastard client to dob you in and you would not only get your CC service dropped, but could also lose your normal banking and get blacklisted. In  some countries, even worse.)


Other Mainstream Payment Options - Paypal, money transfer apps

Read the Terms & Conditions, but in general they don't like adult.

PayPal HATES adult. Be aware that if they kill your account they will hold your money for months (apparently) and blacklist you for life (it seems. People banned 15 years ago, still banned), and you WILL NOT be able to use PayPal for any subsequent non adult business.

I don't have any concrete feedback re the other apps but, "never let this person use our app again"  is literally a tick box, and databases never forget.


Crypto - Bitcoin etc

Anyone can buy anything using crypto. So, content, escort bookings, whatever. And you can use any descriptions you like.

Obviously if you sell anything illegal you will have issues, but if it's legal, you're good.

Long Article about why Crypto is great for you and for Clients

But, you want a Crypto Payment option in your web site, so of course it's not quite that simple.


Crypto Merchant Service - A Crypto Provider provides a "middle man" service. Usually a small fee.

The advantage is that they might provide useful services not available with simply crypto. For example standard Crypto doesn't do regular payments like Subscriptions, but Crypto Merchant Services can.

They do sometimes take a view as what they will allow re escorting. (At the time of writing two such companies are considering allowing escort services).


Decentralised Crypto - pure crypto. You licence the script, (one off payment) and it does everything direct between your clients wallet and yours. No third parties, no fees. No limits re sales.

Fine for escorts.


Wallet 2 Wallet Direct - No direct purchase on the site, so nothing to set up and no software to install.  Clients would just email, "re our chat, I have sent crypto from my wallet GREATLONGADDRESS to pay for the Custom video and meeting deposit".

Fine for escorts.


Split Site

Your front page has links to :-

Credit Card site - content and items sold via CC, in accordance with CC rules

Crypto Merchant Site - as above, but legal items sold however you like

Escorting site - using Decentralised Crypto or Wallet 2 Wallet to take deposits.


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