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BUT - try scrolling down. Some articles and info is publicly visible. If you came here from a tweet or link about an article, you can probably see it. SCROLL DOWN is for anyone in the adult and sex work industries.

  • We are an independent site run by and for industry people. (I did my first porn performing in the 90's).
  • No one else gives a shit except for what they can make out of us. (Why should they, it's just business).
  • Based outside the USA, so no SESTA/FOSTA etc worries.

Think - One day there will be no Twitter for us, no Insta, so US based Social Media at all. At the very least, being on here gives you backup to connect with everyone when those sites kick us off.

If you are any of these categories, you should join :-

  • Porn Performers, inc everyone with an OnlyFans, Admireme, ManyVids etc
  • Cammers
  • Doms
  • Escorts
  • Content Makers
  • Location Owners



  • Contact info for members - multiple routes, for when we lose access to things
  • Find people to work with
  • Find locations
  • Find and post details of events
  • Secure Vault to store backups of your IDs and Releases (Free, and what happens to your income if you lose your paperwork?)
  • Promotion of your content
  • Verification of members
  • Forums
  • Private Groups - discuss things in private, organise activism
  • GDPR compliant - all your private data is encrypted.


People who were members of AIR or old DFP - you need to create a NEW ACCOUNT. Old accounts and logins were deleted, in accordance with GDPR, when I took old DFP down, having given up on finding any cost effective encryption systems. Long story short,. I have sort encryption, and we're back ! 






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Backup Content with Amazon AWS S3

Have you got any backups of your content?

You have? Great. (You haven't? Shit happens, lose your content, your paperwork and you lose your ability to make money from it. Backup matters).

Are they online? No? This is for you. Also, Yes? This might be cheaper :-)

You might have heard that Amazon look after the data of huge multinational companies, which they do. But they will also look after your data for very cheap.

Adult Friendly Content Rules - Basically their only rule about  content is, "must be legal". Legal porn is fine.

The notes below are based  on you using it to :-

  • Backup content
  • and never touch it again unless shit happens and you need it.

Warning - If you try and use it as a sort of hard drive, sending working files up and  down to it, it will get really expensive, really fast.


Just create a free account on Amazon AWS

Service - S3

Create a Bucket.

Click the bucket name, and you get a nice clean file upload/download interface.


To upload a huge file to my  site, via FTP, takes about 1 hour per GB, so, usually I run it overnight.

To upload to S3 - 5GB  an hour when I was still using the Internet. Nearer 10GB an hour when left to get on with it.

Basically it seems able to use most of my available upstream Broadband. (I have a  200Mb down /  20Mb up connection).

Downloading 10GB, 7 minutes.


Default access settings mean that only you can access the Bucket or it's contents.

WARNING - you might think - "I know, I could upload all the shared content raw footage for my  fellow performers to grab". And you could.

Asking people to give you empty thumb drives and stamped addressed envelopes is still the cheapest way of sharing if you haven't got a server and don't trust Dropbox.

It's CHEAP - Provided you only use it as backup storage.

Uploading - free for the data, but beware of the PUT, POST, COPY, LIST fees.

Most people should be able to stay inside the Free Tier PPCL fees for content uploaded as they make it, but if you have a lot of existing content you'll probably get billed if you add it all in the same month. FYI I uploaded 10GB and generated 700 PUTs. Monthly free allowance 2000.

Storage - use Glacial costs approx $1 per month per TERABYTE, ie for 1000GB, so plenty for most people :-) It is pure  backup - takes a couple of days to get the files back when you need  them.

Downloading  - THIS is where Amazon make their money. Seems to be about $100 per TB  all in. Which is fine if it's a one off, "OMG my content is all fucked, thank God I can pay to pull it off Amazon", but if you start using it like a virtual hard drive, well, much cheaper to buy a proper one.

UPDATE - 17 June 2020

Dropbox have announced a Secure Vault feature. Very few details at the moment, but might be able to be used in a similar way.

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