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BUT - try scrolling down. Some articles and info is publicly visible. If you came here from a tweet or link about an article, you can probably see it. SCROLL DOWN is for anyone in the adult and sex work industries.

  • We are an independent site run by and for industry people. (I did my first porn performing in the 90's).
  • No one else gives a shit except for what they can make out of us. (Why should they, it's just business).
  • Based outside the USA, so no SESTA/FOSTA etc worries.

Think - One day there will be no Twitter for us, no Insta, so US based Social Media at all. At the very least, being on here gives you backup to connect with everyone when those sites kick us off.

If you are any of these categories, you should join :-

  • Porn Performers, inc everyone with an OnlyFans, Admireme, ManyVids etc
  • Cammers
  • Doms
  • Escorts
  • Content Makers
  • Location Owners



  • Contact info for members - multiple routes, for when we lose access to things
  • Find people to work with
  • Find locations
  • Find and post details of events
  • Secure Vault to store backups of your IDs and Releases (Free, and what happens to your income if you lose your paperwork?)
  • Promotion of your content
  • Verification of members
  • Forums
  • Private Groups - discuss things in private, organise activism
  • GDPR compliant - all your private data is encrypted.


People who were members of AIR or old DFP - you need to create a NEW ACCOUNT. Old accounts and logins were deleted, in accordance with GDPR, when I took old DFP down, having given up on finding any cost effective encryption systems. Long story short,. I have sort encryption, and we're back ! 


Posting to social media is great for instant communications with fans*, but is mainly invisible to search engines.

For search engine visibility you should post Articles (blogs) content.

That way when someone comes across you and wants to know more, and hits Google, they might see YOUR posts and go direct to YOUR content, and pay YOU money. Otherwise they end up on sites selling the production companies scenes, which is lovely for them, but doesn’t pay you.

So, we have search engine friendly Promotional postings.

Best practice – post a Promo article every time you add a scene or clip to any of your various sales platforms.

If you have an affiliate link, use it, make that extra cash.

ALSO, yes, you can promote events, tours, dance appearances, signings etc as well.

*You know this - when you post to Social Media, it goes out to all your followers, but the next day, it's probably dead. A month old post is only seen if it went a bit viral. But search engines keep things forever, waiting for the relevant search. Things I wrote in 1996 are still First Page on Google for the right search terms!